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 *stumbles in, chokes on dust, coughs*

Oi. If anyone is still out there, hi. I'm not dead. 

None, some, or all of you may know of my regular journal, lowbatterie , and could have ascertained that yourselves. I apologize for the lack of posted fic in the past several months. My life got crazy, then chaotic, and then worse, somehow. But, one of my New Year's Resolutions was to start finishing fics I had started, at least one per week.

That has yet to happen, but it is encouraging me to write, because I feel like a bit of a failure until I achieve what I set out to do.

So, hopefully, this means that this journal will be a lot more active. If not only because I recently devoured Glee and Nurse Jackie over the Christmas break and I really, really like both of those shows now. A lot. :D